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Because you Deserve jewellery as Eclectic as You Are



Personalized Feeling

Now did you think we have forgotten what we do!

Our jewelry is very much our focus and will continue to do so. So we thought why not combine them together to create some magic here. Our classic earrings in the gardens of Tribal Fashion Jewellery Longding


We have been really enjoying taking a bit of time away from socials. We have still been popping on and looking at beads. And we are keeping in mind color schemes and trying to indigenize them. Each piece in this collection is one of a kind love, wanted to make sure we share all these special bits and bobs as well, a pair of peachy glass earring with some special bead accents. Wear unique pieces and have a strong personal style then we are right here for you with our custom design Jewellery. We love to design for exceptional women like you because you deserve jewellery as eclectic as you are.

Images – Amazing Arunachal

Stay tuned everyone for more updates to come.

ravi wangsa

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